Wednesday, April 13, 2016

     MegaCon has always been the premiere comic book convention in Florida, and this year will be a doozy! This will be the first year that MegaCon is officially part of the Fan Expo convention circuit. With that comes the exceptional guest list of celebrity media and comic book personalities. After the past 15 years of my attendance, this will be by far, the most massive convention that Florida has ever held.

The list of comic industry guests range from Stan Lee, Frank Miller, Gail Simone, and Greg Capullo just to name a few. The celebrity guest list is nothing short of amazing with big names like Norman Reedus, William Shatner, Kevin Smith, Adam West, Christopher Lloyd, Jon Bernthal and so many more! I have never been more excited for a guest list quite like this one!

If you live in or around the Florida state area, there is no excuse to attend MegaCon 2016. I will be in Orlando for all four days of the show, performing interviews and reporting on panels. If you see The Comic Nation, say hello and tell us what you like most about the con. MegaCon 2016 is being held May 26-29 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida. Please visit for more info regarding the con and their massive guest list, activity schedule, and general information. We'll see you at MegaCon! Be sure to also check out our guide to attending conventions, the Booster Cola way!

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