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Justice League #48 continues to push a typical (yet great) Geoff Johns story through yet another chapter, with crazy twists and exciting character developments that make me more excited with every holy sh*t moment. Geoff Johns' construction type is pretty standard; big threat, tragic event for heroes, at last second a new power enables the heroes to achieve victory. Pretty much a Dragonball Z saga. I'm kidding, but his style has been almost predictable if not still enjoyable. Instead of different Lantern Corps, White Rings, or just older DC villain additions, Johns turns all of the heroes into New Gods. Reviving the old DC villain, the Anti-Monitor from continuity oblivion a couple years ago just in time for Crisis' 30 year anniversary, has given Johns the opportunity to retell a new and modern origin for the character that uses the New God mythos including the Anti-Life equation, in new and interesting ways. Where are we now?

Part 8 of the Darkseid War starts with the gathering of Johns' League of New God Justice boys and the bad dudes from dead Earth. Superman, after negotiations, gives Ultraman the kryptonite needed to fuel his power. The team finally united, take on Mobius, the Anti-Monitor, and his shadow goons amongst a bustling city of civilians. I want to give Johns props for the inclusion of Mister Miracle and Big Barda continuously during this event and their little conversations and quibbles, they are gold. Amongst the large battle, Hal Jordan calls backup in the form of the Green Lantern Corp en mass. The issue concludes mid-battle with Mobius giving Ultraman a cesarian section. Which ties into SuperWoman's baby about to pop (get it? baby joke, oy). Along with that baby coming, Steve Trevor is mysteriously taken away by Grail in an oftly molest-y kind of way. Anyway, Luthor shows up, the end.

Geoff Johns and Jason Fabok outdo themselves yet again! Just as I think that Johns' stories start to feel predictable and a little formulaic, I am still caught jumping up with excitement. Jason Fabok has been the perfect artist for this romp and his work stands up there with Ivan Reis, David Finch, and even Jim Lee's previous work on the book. DC has honored and upheld the quality of Justice League since the beginning of the New 52. Keeping Johns and an always excellent artist on this title has always paid off.

JL #48 keeps the story moving with great action and memorable plot developments. DC keeps this title in my pull slot for another month. Justice League #48 recieves a 4.5 out 5.

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