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Did Someone sh*t their pants?
Brian Michael Bendis continues his fun romp with the GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY this month with issue #4. The series is not short of fun, fighting, and heart. The steam left from the Marvel film is surely still alive and well with the new volume post Secret Wars and Black Vortex mini series. Let's play catch up with the misfit team.

Wait, someone did fart!??
The events of Secret Wars seem to not have had a huge effect on the Guardians. The lineup has changed slightly with Ben Grimm, Thing, and Kitty Pryde joining the likes of; Star-Lord (Peter Quill), Drax the Destroyer, Gamora, Rocket Raccoon, Groot, and Venom (Flash Thompson). A new Accuser has arisen upon the destruction of the Kree homeworld by J'Son of Spartax (Peter Quill's father). Hala the Accuser is after the newly appointed King of Spartax, Peter Quill. In the previous issue, she had actually kidnapped Quill, and sent him on a transport shuttle to Earth. The goal was for Hala to force Quill to watch his homeworld be destroyed just as she had done.  The Guardians had gotten their asses handed to them, barely defeating Hala, and went after Quill just before Hala joined the pursuit. In the madness, Gamora send the Guardians off after Quill and challenges Hala once again. This is where issue #4 beings. Gamora fights with Hala as the Guardians agree to go and help Gamora and try to stop Hala together. Quill tries to reason with Hala, fails, and a massive fight begins. In the end, the Guardians are successful and try to take Hala in. Before they can, they are interrupted by galactic Bounty Hunter Yotat, the Destroyer of Destroyers. They get blasted by his cartoonishly large guns and the end credits role ala Empire Strikes Back. Is this the end for the Guardians of the Galaxy? Stay tuned next month for more raccoon boy and tree-dude shenanigans.

Space chicks are weird.
I really enjoyed this issue and the story up to here as well. I thoroughly enjoyed the action set pieces and layouts, kudos to Valerio Schiti on his artwork, especially his splash pages featuring Ben Grimm. The series prominent and sentient mythos is once again expanded upon with the introduction of new villains and the inclusion of more Kree and Brood involvement. Bendis knows how to let every character on the crowded roster shine with their individual moments. The only negative to speak on is that this issue isn't a great issue to start out upon. Continuity is always king and luckily there is only 3 more previous issues to consume.

I really love this team of Guardians that maintain a sense of humor and just enough disbelief to keep me hooked. The Guardians of the Galaxy still rock and deserve a read this month. Guardians of the Galaxy #4 recieves a 4.5 out of 5.

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