Sunday, December 13, 2015

     Sorry for the hiatus that The Comic Nation had taken. People died, babies were born, and boys became men. Now that we are back, I want to keep this monthly series continuing. Thank you for your patience and be sure to visit the Huge Nerd Network that The Comic Nation is now a part of. Have a happy holiday!
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Written by Grant Morrison
Art by Dan Mora
A BOOM! Studios Book

     Since we are halfway through this festive and joyous time of year for non-pagan, monotheistic religious types or capitalism supporters, I thought that Klaus would be a great comic pick. Klaus is written by Grant Morrison (Final Crisis, Multiversity), and I can assure you that it doesn't have a canon continuity to follow or remember that will make this book unappetizing. Dan Mora (Hexed) takes on the art and makes this book very pleasing to behold. Luckily, this book just came out last month (issue #2 releases on 12/16/15) and is very well timed with the holiday.

I took the red pill.
Klaus is the origin story of Santa Claus, his year one, as most critics appropriate. The story follows the journey of a man coming to a snow-covered town with his sleigh (get it?) to only find that its citizens are miserable, the men are all working in mines, and he is harassed immediately upon arrival. The biggest tragedy here is that the children cannot even play with rocks. After a stirring up some trouble with the soldiers, Klaus (or Claus, his name is never mentioned) is banished and stripped from this joyless town. What happens next, I won't spoil, but there is an acid trip, a wolf, King Joffrey, and of course it wouldn't be a Santa story without toys!

Goddamn millennials...
Morrison and Mora create a fun and interesting world with its beats being that of annoying Christmas songs. Some of the cliche' Santa ingredients are present but are tongue-in-cheek enough to not push you away. I cannot wait to get more of this title and I definitely recommend this to everyone wanting a holiday themed story about a bad-ass Christmas hobo. 

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