Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Here at The Comic Nation, I wanted to start a new monthly series of titles that we think are worthy of recommending. I have read comics for years and I hope to share some of my favorite or most memorable stories in this ongoing series starting with DC Comics' Identity Crisis. 

Identity Crisis
Written by Brad Meltzer
Illustrated by Rags Morales and Michael Bair

The story of Identity Crisis is difficult to explain without spoiling anything. At heart it is one of the greatest comic book mysteries I have ever read. It starts with murder that dives much deeper into the problems that being part of a League of super-men and women would inherently face. Bringing a character like Elongated Man into the forefront and risking such a gripping story upon him was a well received gamble that no-one saw coming. Amazing characterizations and plot twists make this title a must read. In addition to the intriguing mystery, there is an amazing fight between the Justice League and Deathstroke (if you're not already interested).

Writer Brad Meltzer weaves a tale that almost felt like the natural evolution and tonal change of the comic book industry at the time. He went somewhere that most comics at the time dare not touch upon. Not being a native comic book writer helped Meltzer give us something different that had not been seen in DC, or Marvel for that matter. On top of being edgy, it was canon to the DC Universe. This story was one of the building blocks for DC's future and still resonates to some degree in current DC continuity. Rags Morales puts the story visually on page with help from Michael Bair. The artwork is a perfect fir for the story as Morales brings his A-game to this story and holds his title as one of DC Comics' best talent.

There isn't much else I can say besides, READ THIS BOOK! It has everything that a great story should have; thrilling mystery, amazing art, and memorable characterization. I promise you that this is a story you will not forget!

That will do it for this month's pick, let me know if there is a character specific story you have an interest in discovering. We will discuss this story on our Facebook page and on The Comic Nation Podcast all this month (May 2015).

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