Saturday, January 24, 2015

Marvel has been announcing changes all week and one of the new changes is the look of Venom. The new look that was featured in Guardians of The Galaxy #23, during the last issue of the Planet of The Symbiotes arc. The costume was developed and drawn by series writer and current artist Brian Michael Bendis and Valerio Schiti. The story about the costume is as follows, but before that, SPOILER ALERT!

During the story, the Guardians are all battling Flash Thompson's symbiote run amok on their ship. Flash had been knocked out and the symbiote was reaching out to try and steer the ship to an unknown location. When Drax was the last to be taken over, he had piloted the ship to a strange planet that happened to be inhabited by nothing but host-less symbiotes. After they had explained the true peaceful nature of their species by cohabiting with the Guardians, they gave back the Venom symbiote to Flash. This time it had been purified of its past destructive nature and behavior, thus, the new look. It is explained that the symbiotes would amplify the warriors spirit and if the host had bad intentions or behavior, it would reflect on the symbiote. The past before Spider-Man's tenure with the symbiote is still unknown, but this revelation was very interesting.

I loved this Guardians story and the new information regarding the symbiotes, The new look is very cool and I cannot wait to see more with the All New Venom costume. Check out the concept art below thanks to

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