Thursday, September 4, 2014

     Earlier today, thanks to Gail Simone's twitter and an article at HeroComplex, we received news of  the Secret Six coming to the New 52. Simone hinted at the series back in July, but it was confirmed this week that it will be a new DC ongoing starting in December. As you can see from the tease above by Doug Eaglesham, there are some some faces you may recognize, one being the female Talon from Simone's previous ongoing, Batgirl, and Black Alice (returning Secret Six alumni). Catman is promised to return and to be a more prominent member, Simone also stated that he will be a bisexual character upon entering this team and will continue on through continuity, Ragdoll has been also teased, but not confirmed.

     Gail Simone and interior artist, Ken Lashley, promised to keep the book very dangerous, and sexy.  This being said, what I wanna see from this title is more of what made the first run of this series (2008-2011) great, more dangerous dysfunction and twisted relationships. The inclusion of a bisexual Thomas Blake (Catman) among a group of deviants, should prove interesting. I have faith that Gail Simone will bring her A-game once again. I just wanna see Deadshot interacting with Catman again!

     You can find out the secret on December 3, 2014 when Secret Six #1 hits shelves!

A hilarious panel from Secret Six #33 (2011)


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