Sunday, September 14, 2014

You heard right! The Blue and Gold are returning to the Justice League in a current ongoing comic! Of course I am referring to Blue Beetle(II) and Booster Gold, the once laughable yet beloved JL members. According to the story, originally from Newsarama, these are not clones or cyborgs. These will be the genuine articles. 

Writers Kieth Giffen and J.M. DeMatteis along with artist Howard Porter, are bringing the characters to their Justice League 3000 book starting in issue #12 this December. These will not be the current New 52 iterations of the characters, they will instead be their original pre-New 52 versions. How is this possible you may ask? Well the Justice League 3000 book was recently explained to still take place in the pre-New 52 as a futuristic team of cloned superheroes from the DNA of the original hero. The team consists of clones of Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Flash, and often times, Firestorm. Their predicament, attitudes, and personalities are different from those of the ones we already knew, creating new and funny interactions alongside interesting team building issues.

Newsarama performed an interview with writer Kieth Giffen, check this snippet below;

"Newsarama: Keith, we've been hearing that issue #12 has some new characters that people should be happy to see. And now that issue #12 is about to be solicited, are you ready to reveal who's coming to Justice League 3000?
Keith Giffen: Yes! Booster Gold and Blue Beetle are coming to Justice League 3000, as of issue #12.I'm not going to keep this a secret anymore. I mean, if Beetle and Booster are coming back, we should scream it from the rooftops, right? Maybe more people will buy it who are Beetle and Booster fans, and not be surprised and miss the issue. So I'm not really big on hiding stuff anymore.
Nrama: Now wait a minute, which Blue Beetle and Booster Gold are these?
Giffen: They're J.M. DeMatteis and my Blue Beetle and Booster Gold.
Our Blue Beetle never got shot in the head. He never split from Booster Gold.
The last memories these two clowns have is that Max was mad at them. Then they woke up in a refrigerator on Takron-Galtos. It's our Justice League.
For more of the interview, click hereI am certainly psyched for this reveal! I cannot wait for the bwa-ha-ha to come back to comics! You can pick up Justice League 3000 #12 at your comic shop this December.


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