Friday, July 25, 2014

What is the most fun you can have celebrating comic books in southeastern Florida? If your answer is PalmCon then you're correct! This September, the founders of the growing Cosmic Times, will host an impressive convention in Palm Beach, Florida. PalmCon 2014 will be happening at the end of September in West Palm Beach, Florida and will host a plethora of guests ranging from cosplayers, comic creators, and media guests. This will be the first year that the event will span two days. In response to the success of last years convention, the extra day will accommodate the influx of comic and cosplay fans and give new convention goers a great experience.

Some of the big names in the comics milieu are; Allen Bellman, Jose Delbo, Kevin LaPorte, Inverse Press, Think Alike Productions, Cosmic Times (of course), Mervyn McKoy and Paper Lab Studios, and more. Guests are being announced weekly via their Facebook page. More guests are soon to be announced as the big weekend approaches.

Along with the aforementioned big names there will also be plenty of events and onsite happenings to keep everyone busy and entertained. If you are in the area and want to support a great Indy comic group, attend this year's PalmCon hosted by the Cosmic Times this September 27th & 28th.

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