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Review by Booster Cola

     Deadpool and Carnage square off once again in this month's fun, mis-matched, mashup of insane (and sexually frustrated) sociopaths. In the last two issues, Deadpool sought Carnage to take him down, kind of like a 'kindred spirit' duty. They didn't fair so well for Deadpool as he was chopped, stabbed, cut, dismembered, and maimed. This did not kill his spirits on his journey as issue three has them verse off yet again. 

Deadpool in very Deadpool fashion fights Cletus Cassidy, speaking of their burgeoning bromance as they each contender slices and dices each other. The first fight ends abruptly after Deadpool goes Freudian with Carnage and is immediately thrown into an incoming semi. Carnage hijacks a mini-van that is occupied by a scared family, and freaks them out with his crazy symbiote antics and death threats. They take Carnage on a road trip with Deadpool hot on their heels after Deadpool pulled himself together (literally) after the previous skirmish and had his heroic spirit (loosely heroic) revitalized. Deadpool finally meets up with the family's mini-van only to find a brutal scene that even Deadpool is surprised to see. Heading down Carnage's path he finds a hidden military bunker filled with murder. Carnage's true motive is discovered, it being to track the last few symbiotes alive, and to exterminate them. He had killed the hosts and was about to kill the aliens as Deadpool showed up. I was going to say this was technically fight #2 this issue, but it really was just Deadpool getting destroyed. Carnage cuts Deadpool limb from limb and chunk to chunk. This was absolutely brutal! Carnage scampers off to look for his lost progeny and Deadpool lies in pieces. Luckily enough, the symbiotes find Deadpool and bring him back together. Four symbiotes, one Deadpool, and a dog-symbiote, thing. Next issue is going to be exciting!

Deadpool Vs. Carnage has been surprisingly good. I say that because its being written by Cullen Bunn, who also wrote Deadpool Vs The Marvel Universe, Deadpool Kills Deadpool, and others that were mediocre to terrible. I originally was afraid to see this book come to existence because of Bunn's track record. Fortunately, I was wrong. This book has been non-stop fun and a great nostalgia ride for 90's fans who love Carnage. Bunn truly wrote a 90's Carnage, pitch perfect. Salva Espin illustrated this series and has done a fantastic job. The cartoony feel and bright colors add a fun touch while reading. The gore is over the top and never holds back with crazy dismemberment and plenty of blood. Kudos to the team on this book, its made this Carnage fan, very happy!

My verdict, if you cannot tell, is very positive. It oozed nostalgia and had a much more serious tone as the book progressed. Carnage really felt like Carnage and Deadpool was never to the point of annoying like in Bunn's previous iterations of the character. Deadpool still remains humorous almost to the point of Posehn's run with the character. I loved this book and definitely recommend this to symbiote, Spider-Man, and Deadpool fans alike. I give Deadpool Vs. Carnage #3, a 5 out of 5.

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