Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Dick Grayson's reveal in Forever Evil #1

     Special thanks (or middle fingers) to USA TODAY, for their reveal of Dick Grayson's role in the New 52, besides being on a heart transplant donor list (ewww, sorry spoiler alert). The article at USA TODAY revealed Dick Grayson starring in his own action/espionage book, titled GRAYSON. What I'm getting from this book is that Nightwing will die in Forever Evil #7, but not Dick. Since his identity has been made public by the Crime Syndicate in DC's newest event book, Forever Evil, the only logical thing for a hero to do is to start over, right?

Writers, Tim Seely and Tom King, promise a new approach for the hero. They have been quoted saying that the title will be a "world hopping" action comic, providing Grayson with his own arch-nemesis, his own Lex Luthor. No mask or suit apparently, ditching those duds for a Spyral outfit. Spyral is the secret agency created by Grant Morrison in Batman Incorporated, that focused on the intelligence gathering community and espionage. 

Discover what Grayson has to offer when the book is released on July 2 from DC Comics.

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