Monday, March 10, 2014

  Questions about Why wasn't there an episode this week if Comic Nation have been messaged to me a bunch these past 2 days so I thought You guys and gals should be in the loop of what changes are about to happen to the weekly show and this website altogether. 
What am I looking At!?

   First let me start by saying the show is not ending but being revamped. When I started Comic Nation (the video series) it was the best way to build the comic part on the former website I worked for BKBN up. The part was miner and it was just me doing the video reviews on comics that came out weekly. However as the show got bigger so did the area of the site about comics, introducing a bunch of new comic reviewers to the comic nation loyal fans. It started a highly downloaded podcast that a lot of the time got more hits then the videos. As the end of 2013 we (Booster Cola, Eric from ComicCrazyReview and Myself) left BKBN and started this website also a new podcast with Podcast Cafe Live. With this site now around 3 months old and Comic Nation reaching 100+ episodes I will no longer do weekly comic reviews via video. The time it takes to do the weekly review show is massive and on top of running this site, a weekly podcast, and the other videos/shows I produce on KorimTV... I have zero time to even sleep. 
from Ask Carnage Episode 5

  Now like I said before the show isn't going away. With a lot of you messaging me about doing older comic reviews and the other ideas to bring to the show, I'll be focusing on more on that stuff via video then the newer comics coming out. Not saying I'll never showcase newer books because most likely I will. However newer comics will be reviewed on this site as well as on the weekly podcast which we do already. Why review a comic twice if I'm already doing it on the podcast. Me doing this is not a bad thing, its a good thing. Content on this site will grow as time will go and hopefully this will bring even more of the greatest viewers on the internet that watch the Comic Nation Videos to hear the fantastic podcast be do. Hopefully this too will make the Comic Nation Show on You Tube more entertaining as I have noticed some of the newest episodes lacked. I love every Subscriber I have on my channel KorimTV. Some watch only the movie reviews, some only the comic nation episodes, some like all the videos I produce. It's not fair to the others to put all my time into just the comic reviews. With me going into my second year with the FULLSCREEN Network I owe it to every single subscriber to make the best content I can. In the end with the changes sit to go soon I hope to make all of you entertained. Til then keep reading those comics!!!


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