Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Superman/Wonder Woman #6
Written by Charles Soule
Pencils by Tony S. Daniel
Inks by BATT and Sandu Florea
Colors by Tomeu Morey

When I first heard that DC was coming out with a book that focused on the newley romantic Superman
and Wonder Woman, I thought to myself, this is going to be a bore fest full of feelings and girly things but damn was I wrong.

Charles Soule is really able to capture what it would be like if two of the most powerful heroes on the planet started hooking up. Instead of Clark and Diana going to dinner and a movie they are out saving the world and fighting two of the most powerful Kryptonians in the process. It is not all action though, we also see how Clark questions his ability to do his job knowing that he wants to keep Diana safe as well, but of course she reassures him basically telling him she can take care of her self (duh).

Even with the combined power of Superman Wonder Woman and their flashy new suits (given to them by Wonder Woman's brother Hephaestus) they seem to be no match for Zod and Faora who have a strong ally of their own.

This book is full of action and excitement, top that off with a holy s**t ending and you my friends have a really great read on your hands. Of course, Tony Daniel knocks it out of the park again with some beautiful pencil work. I think if your a fan of these characters then you need to be reading this book.
I give Superman Wonder Woman #6 a 5 out of 5.


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