Friday, February 7, 2014

     This week DC Comics made a surprise announcement regarding its Man of Steel. Revealed by DC All Access, this summer the creative team on the Superman title will change. Legendary artist John Romita Jr. (JRJR) will join Geoff Johns (writer) and Klaus Jenson (inker), to take on Superman in his monthly title. This is a monumental gain for DC Comics as JRJR has been a an exclusive artist for Marvel for over 20 years. Some of Romita Jr.'s works include the The Punisher, The Amazing Spider-Man, Hulk, and pretty much any of Marvel's properties including the recent Captain America Marvel Now relaunch. He will begin working with DC after his final issue of Kick-Ass 3 with Mark Millar (Old Man Logan). Check out the video below for the All Access full story. exclusive artwork by John Romita Jr.
Are you excited for the new creative team? 
I know I am!


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