Tuesday, January 14, 2014

     Holy crap! Yes, you are reading the title correctly, Wally West is coming to DC's New 52. Wally West, of course, was the original Kid Flash in the pre-New 52 and became the Flash for over twenty years! His absence in the comics has been addressed by fans every day since the relaunch. Thankfully, he will be returning this April when Robert Venditti (Green Lantern) and Van Jensen team up to write this classic character back into the new continuity. Illustrating Wally West will be Brett Booth (Nightwing, Teen Titans, Justice League Of America) who has had lent his style across the entirety of the New 52 over the past two years. The new team will release their first issue of The Flash #30 on April 23rd. Wally West's re-introduction will be on April 30th inside the pages of The Flash Annual #3. Thanks to USA Today for the announcement.

     As you can see above, the new Flash costume looks both familiar and new. If this is Wally's costume, kudos to DC for recycling the Blue Lantern Flash look from Blackest Night. Hopefully this is Wally's new look because they need to stay clear of having two similar characters with literally the same costume (sans a nose-piece). I'm just happy that they are bringing back a Teen Titans founding member who should have been back a long time ago. Maybe this will pave the way for Ted Kord's (Blue Beetle) return to comics. We can only hope.


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