Friday, January 17, 2014

     Yes, it is indeed true! Ted Kord will is coming back to DC Comics very soon. How soon you may ask? Well, in an interview with Geoff Johns for IGN, Johns stated that in issue #7 of the Forever Evil event, Kord will return. This was hinted at in the first issue of the event when Lex Luthor rode in a helicopter with Thomas Kord, Ted's father. He fell to his death when the copter crashed but had mentioned his son in their negotiations. Ted Kord was rumored to return to DC a few years ago when Grant Morrison (Final Crisis, Action Comics) showed a panel of artwork featuring Blue Beetle, and a part of the story will focus on the confirmed Kord (in the Blue Beetle costume). Now if you're asking yourself, "Who the hell is Ted Kord?" Then read on.

Theodore "Ted" Stephen Kord was an above-average superhero with a keen mind and a knack for creating new crime-fighting tech, named the Blue Beetle. He is the second in a line of beetles (BB1-Dan Garrett, BB3- Jaime Reyes, and Black Beetle- Future Jaime Reyes) to be a hero, and probably the most notable. His mentor, Dan Garrett, was an archaeologist who was the superhero, Blue Beetle. He harnessed the power of the magical blue scarab beetle  (strength, flight, and invulnerability) he found on an archaeological dig. When Dan had passed away, he gave his Blue Beetle identity to Ted and told him to carry on for him. Ted could not get the scarab to ever work for him, so he used his wits to create a tech-charged identity who used a stun-gun called the BB gun and built the impressive airship, the Bug.  After his stint of being a lone hero, he joined the new Justice League International, along with characters like Booster Gold, Fire, Ice, Guy Gardner (Green Lantern), Martian Manhunter, and more. He was a respected superhero in the community who possessed one of the brightest minds in the DC Universe at the time. His friendship with Booster Gold propelled Booster's acts of heroism to possess legitimacy, rather than simple buffoonery. Though he was a good superhero and made the right decisions, he was ultimately killed off at the beginning of a huge event in the DC Universe by the once JLI founder, Maxwell Lord. This death affected characters all over the DCU and even made Booster try to rescue him several times through time travel. There hasn't been a hero quite like Ted in a long time. Seeing his absence in DC Comics relaunch, the New 52, had made a ton of fans sad and/or upset, for the sole fact, that had he ever existed in this timeline at all. Well, with the news of his and Wally Wests return, fans are going bananas on the internet for the possibilities of what may come of their reprisal. Time will most certainly tell.

From my point of view, I am freaking out and have never been more excited! He was one of the first character that I had latched onto when I first started reading comics. His smart-ass jokes and always optimistic and comedic view on the situation at hand, made him unique. Along with Booster Gold, the books featuring those characters will always stand to be some of my favorites. I pray with the arrival of Ted Kord, I hope they bring back the blue and the gold together for more fun stories. Welcome back Ted, you were surely missed.

Forever Evil #7 hits store shelves on March 26, 2014.


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