Sunday, January 19, 2014

     Jeff Lemire, superstar writer of Animal Man and Green Arrow, and Mike McKone (JLI &JLE), bring their talent to the Justice League. The USA Today broke the exciting news. Formerly known as the Justice League Canada, Lemire's league will be called the Justice League United. The JLU will take over for the Justice League of America title, ending in April. It will launch with a zero issue and continue monthly. The story will envelop a team of some well known superheroes and a familiar pre-New 52 face.

The original idea/cover for the Justice League Canada #1
The team itself will consist of New 52 veterans; Martian Manhunter, Green Arrow, Hawkman, Supergirl, Stargirl, and of course, Animal Man. The new addition to the League (and the New 52) is the famous Rann scientist hero, Adam Strange. Rann of course, is a distant planet, with advance science and technology that have prospered even though in threat of cosmic monsters. Adam Strange is from Earth originally and had traveled across the world mysteriously by a strange beam. Adam solved the mystery of the beam and utilized it to travel to the point of origin, across the galaxy to Rann. The beam Adam had used to travel was known as a Zeta beam. Rann had been seeking out new ways to help defend the planet, and with Adam's help, they survived many struggles. Adam Strange had become their champion and had learned the schedule of beams to and from Earth so that he could utilize the instantaneous way of travel. His heroics led him to team up with the Justice League in the past and Animal Man in particular. Along with Starfire (Red Hood and the Outlaws), the three had teamed up for many zany space adventures. With Adam Strange reappearing in the DC New 52, it opens up the box for countless new cosmic space adventures.
Animal Man in his first Justice Leage, JL Europe
Justice League United will take place in both Ontario, Canada and essentially, all over the galaxy. The team of heroes will travel (I'm guessing through Zeta beams) to and from Earth, having swashbuckling adventures. Jeff Lemire stated that this is his most ambitious book he has ever written. Along with the already constructed team, Lemire plans on also creating a whole new member of the team, a Cree (Native American/Canadian) teenager who lives in the area of the team. With all the new information trickling, I am pretty stoked to see this new Justice League. The book hits shelves in April.


  1. I am glad Animal Man won't being leaving us yeet. Thanx for this great news Booster