Friday, January 24, 2014

Six-Gun Gorilla: Long Days Of Vengeance Issues #1 & 2
Written by Brian Christgau
Art by Adrian Sibar 
Review by Booster Cola

     Often times there are bad-ass ideas that have had no way to translate, re-imagine, and evolve themselves into other mediums other than the intangible ideas themselves. When I read the book above, SIX-GUN GORILLA: LONG DAYS OF VENGEANCE,"I felt that this was a perfect example of something so damn cool that could ONLY be re-imagined appropriately in the comic milieu. Gushing with style and fun, Six-Gun is an indy-treat that I was fortunate to have had brought to my attention. The original idea for Six-Gun Gorilla was created by an unknown creative team in 1939, published in Wizard Comic Magazine. This new take along with another title by Simon Spurrier (Six-Gun Gorilla, 2013) are revitalizing the character and his possibilities to shine and to reach new audiences.

      Taking place in the 1860's, the origin of our titular character, is rather bittersweet. Kumba, is a Congo-born gorilla who was ripped away from his homeland and his family by a group of hunters. His life was, literally, gambled away and yet saved by an Equestrian director (circus ring master) by the name of Malloy, in a card game. Kumba is brought up in the circus life alongside Malloy's daughter, Abby. Together they become to develop a very sibling like relationship. Kumba is noted to be an extremely fast learner who favors work from Dickens and Shakespeare. Kumba's most definitive talent however, is his gun handling. For his circus act, Kumba wields two massive revolvers that put regular pistols to shame. With deadly accuracy, Kumba nails the targets and wows the circus-goers. Things go very awry for Kumba and the circus as an Italian bandit sneaks in and hides in the circus cargo from a band of other ruthless outlaws. When the bad guys show up, people get killed, lives are changed, and I'm left with a nervous cliffhanger.

     I think that Brian Christgau and Adrian Sibar have done outstanding work in the two issues that I had the pleasure of reading. The pacing and structure are all done very well, not flooding us with too much back-story and giving us a great taste of foreshadowing with the dynamite beginning. Sibar's art is fantastic! There is a manga influence that I get vibes from, they mix in sync perfectly with the Western backdrop. I enjoyed the humor in the books, thought they were welcoming, considering the time period. The cliffhanger will leave you wanting more and would do well as an ongoing. Kudos to Christgau and Sibar for their fun take on a gorilla with big guns!

     If you haven't noticed, I really enjoyed this book. I recommend seeking out this title online at and giving writer, Brian Christgau, a chance to impress you with his take on the gun wielding gorilla. I cannot wait for this unpublished book to be picked up and have proper distribution. Remember, if you want to see a gorilla go Clint Eastwood, check out SIX-GUN GORILLA: LONG DAYS OF VENGEANCE.


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