Tuesday, December 31, 2013

     I'm totally not joking that this is gonna be a real thing. Coming this April of 2014, Marvel's craziest characters collide to have their first face-off! Writer Cullen Bunn(Deadpool Kills; Deadpool, The Marvel Universe, Classic Literature, and pretty much everything...), reunites with artist Salva Espin(Deadpool Kills Deadpool) to create this insane death-match. Love or hate Bunn's former work, this looks to be pretty interesting due to the fact that this takes place in the modern Marvel Universe(Earth-616). All of the past with Carnage and Deadpool are in continuity, which is interesting because of Carnage's position at the end of Superior Carnage. In the interview and reveal via IGN, Bunn states that this has be his most excited project to work on, and will ultimately be a battle of "one-upmanship". 

     I don't know how I feel about another Deadpool and/or Carnage book by Cullen Bunn. To me, Minimal Carnage was a tad dull, and his Deadpool titles were tongue-in-cheek enjoyable, at best. I give him credit that he writes the characters that he enjoys, so I'll give him another chance and approximately sixteen of my hard earned dollars to see if he can impress me in the four-issue mini-series! In the meantime. check out some the unfinished pages from Salva Espin!

To read the whole interview click here!


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