Sunday, November 24, 2013

X-Men: Days Of Future Past, A Preview Retrospective
By Booster Cola

Next year moviegoers will have the pleasure of seeing many superhero films that come to your local cinema. One of my most anticipated films will be Bryan Singer's(X-Men 1&2, Superman Returns) sequel to X-Men: First Class, X-Men: Days Of Future Past. This of course, is based on the classic two-issue story arc by Chris Claremont, John Byrne, and Terry Austin. The book(The Uncanny X-men, issues #141-142) was basically an else world's tale that became cannon through the years and really fleshed out Kitty Pryde and even premiered Rachel Summers. The story starts with a dystopian future(Earth designate 811) where mutants are hunted to the brink of extinction by Sentinels all over North America. A group of some of some of the last remaining mutants and heroes consisting of Wolverine, Kitty Pryde, Colossus, Frankilin Richards, Rachel Summers, Magneto, and Storm are on the brink of extinction. One of their last hopes is offered by Magneto to use the powerful telepath, Rachel Summers, to send Kitty Pryde's consciousness through time and arrive in her younger self to warn and stop this terrible future. Rachel sends older Kitty into her younger self who has just became an X-(wo)man. Kitty embraces her future fallen teammates and with Xaviers help, the X-Men with Kitty Pryde, save Senator Kelly. His death would have marked the creation of the sentinels and their holocaust. Since the X-Men had saved him, they saved the future, for now. This time period and characters are re-visited many more times in X-Men continuity. Rachel Summers even leaves that timeline and stays in the normal 616 Marvel Universe. The book was hailed as one of the best X-Men stories of all time and still stands the test of time(I just read it again and loved it).

This classic story of time travel would not be held just by books and their revisiting of the event, but by the animated series to come, starting in the 1990's with Fox's X-Men the animated series. In this adaptation, Kitty is replaced by Bishop as the time traveling messenger with (basically) the same mission that Kitty had in the original source material. Other X-Men shows also touched on this story but not as prominently as in the 90's series.
Now we will be getting an adaptation, sort of directly(I mean, it's called Days Of Future Past...) based off the book, as the basis for Singer's sequel. Instead of Kitty Pryde or Bishop being the traveler to the past which will be a couple years after the events of X-Men: First Class. DoFP will feature many new mutants including; Bishop, Warpath, Blink, and Quicksilver. These new mutants will be joining the cast of both X-Men films, First Class and The Last Stand. Whew, that's a ton of mutants in one film! What excites me more about the casting is how many are X-Force ensemble characters, which is rumored to be the next X-movie. 

We have been given a teaser trailer that launched with the premier of Thor: The Dark World. This short trailer shows a pretty vanilla laid-out preview with no real hint besides a rough outline of the film. It does however show the cast in costumes-of-sorts. This trailer is released pre-rendered, meaning no action and cg-touches. This is alright with me due to the fact that it is just a teaser. It is still uncertain when we will see the full trailer but the film will premier May 23.

On to my reactions. I am beyond excited for this movie! I cannot stress this enough! My favorite titles to read right now are X-books, so of course I fancy a film featuring those characters. Supposedly this film will also fix what Brett Ratner did to the franchise in X3(WTF happened to Cyclops and Nightcrawler?!) as well... Hopefully my hype will not be in vain and will be warranted. We shall see on May 23, 2014 where you can expect my full review!

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